Monday, October 13, 2008

Coffin Treat Box

Hi, I just wanted to share this cute coffin treat box that I made. I happened to turn on the tv he other day when martha was on and she was making this, so of coarse i had to try it. If your intrested here is the link to the template. Now im havent really made anything halloween cause I dont really have any halloween stamps but I just got a cute set from papertray ink and i used some of them for the front of the coffin. Maybe Ill be able to make a couple of cards before halloween has come and gone.

Here is what it looks like inside, this was all of he candy i had in my house.

I Just used black cardstock and some generic scrapbook paper I had laying around, the stamps are in black and pumpkin. the stamp set i think si called spooky sweets or something like that.

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